myusedparts is a business division of I-H&S GmbH and offers used & high quality TRUMPF spare parts. We strategically purchase used TRUMPF machines exclusively for the purpose of spare parts supply. After a functional test, you will find all high running parts on our myusedparts e-shop. In our constantly growing assortment we carry more than 2,500 spare parts for TRUMPF laser cutting machines, punching combination machines or punching machines.

If you do not find a part you need, our spare parts team will be happy to assist you at: or 0049-71913414-0.

Possibly your needed part is just in a newly arrived machine.

We have used TRUMPF original spare parts for many popular TRUMPF models in our program:
TruLaser 5030; TruLaser 3030; Trumatic 3030; Trumatic 5030; Trumatic 2530; Trumatic 6050; TruLaser 5060; TruLaser 5040; TruLaser Tube 5000; TruLaser Tube 7000; Tubematic; TruFlow; TruDisc; TruLaser 5030 fiber; TruMatic 6000; TruPunch 1000; TruPunch 5000; Trumatic 260; Trumatic 240; Trumatic 500; TruBend V series; Trumabend; TLC 1005 and many more.

We have a wide range of parts from control technology, electronics, mechanics or laser technology
Examples are: Ram control; TASC; PCU; Servo motor; Cutting head; Driver stage; Feed control; NCU; Power module; Linear amplifier; Control valve; Lanny valve; Resonator TLF; Frequency converter; Servo drive module; E/R module; Light barrier; Control panel; Feed control card; Pump / vacuum pump; HF cable; Fan; Gas mixer; Magnetic bearing electronics; DIAS; Servo card; Claw; Power supply unit; Color panel; Screen; Power supply unit; Pulse resistor module; MMC; Floppy disk drive; Hard disk; Mains filter; ControlLine; Control box; LS3; Control unit; ISA adapter; LUST; INDRAMAT; MECOS; Laser control unit


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